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9X return on ad spend in 6 months


Lifeline Tax Solutions



Times return on ad spend


Cost per lead




Months to achieve results

The goal

When the team at Lifeline Tax Solutions approached us, they were tired of relying on inconsistent, cold lead sources and wanted a full lead generation system that they owned to take their marketing to the next level.

The plan


Custom Funnel

Our team got to work learning everything we could about their business, target audience, and what makes Lifeline Tax Solutions so unique. We dug in and got to work on building them a custom funnel to drive traffic to–including everything from professionally written sales copy, branded design, and automations to make the lead follow up process smoother for their internal operations.


Copy and Creative

Once the funnel was ready to go, we got to work on the ad copy and creative to start driving traffic through Facebook and Instagram ads. We crafted video scripts and filmed UGC as well as branded, professionally designed graphics.



It took some time to test a variety of different audiences, hooks, creative variations, and headlines, but with a little patience and a lot of optimization, we cracked this funnel. We were able to reduce their lead cost from their other sources as well as bring in higher quality leads (the kind that are excited to talk to you on the phone when you call).

What our friends over at Lifeline Tax Solutions have to say...

“It would be impossible for me to say enough good things about the team at Sail Away Media. My company has been working with Alyssa, Justin and Paul for about 6 months now. Every project is completed on time. They communicate very well. They have fantastic ideas. They know what works and what doesn't. We are very analytical in our approach to lead generation. The leads they generate outperform every other lead source we have by a considerable margin. Cost per lead is down, average fees are up. No one will care about your business more than you but Sail Away will be a close second! I look forward to working with them for years to come!”

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