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Reduced CPA for this DTC supplement brand by over 50%





Reduction in cost per acquisition


Increase in ad spend


New channels introduced


Pieces of creative designed

The goal

This DTC supplement brand had an established audience and incredible products with thousands of raving reviews—but had yet to truly nail Facebook Advertising as a reliable and profitable new customer acquisition channel. The goal was to experiment with the platform and nail down the audiences, and creative types that would make this channel profitable for them. Not to mention—figure out a workaround for unreliable post iOS.14 pixel tracking.

The plan


Reliable Tracking

The first step was to get offline conversion tracking implemented so we no longer had to fully rely on the Facebook pixel for reporting. Once this set up was complete, it was a game-changer for more accurate reporting and determining which audiences and pieces of creative were winning.


Creative Overhaul

We started scripting out UGC video concepts, static graphic ideas, and animated videos to roll out and test. Having strong creative is CRITICAL for success when running ads on social, so it needs to be done correctly.


Launch, Optimize, + Scale

We launched the new creative and copy we came up with and began identifying winning audiences and pieces of creative. We continue to tweak and optimize combinations here until we nailed down a winning formula, and from there scaled.

What Dr. Neil has to say...

“I recently started using Sail Away Media for some target specific ads. I was not sure if the ROI would be obvious, but I knew that SEO stopped being effective for us and I had to try something different."

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