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8X return on ad spend for local nonprofit, the crossroads club


The Crossroads Club



Times return on ad spend


In revenue from ads


Tickets sold


Months to achieve results

The goal

The Taste of Recovery is an annual event that funds The Crossroads Club for a year at a time. It’s a fantastic event that brings together local chefs to compete for best bite, and the community gets together to support the great cause. The goal was to generate awareness about the event and sell as many tickets as possible, to raise as much money as we could.

The plan


Custom Funnel

We built out a custom funnel for The Crossroads Club to promote their Taste of Recovery event across Facebook and Instagram. We made sure to incorporate various upsells throughout the funnel to encourage a higher order value.


Cold Audience Ads

We rolled out targeted ads to people within a 50-mile radius of the upcoming event. We used a combination of images, carousel ads, and videos to get the message across. We drove all the traffic to a custom landing page so we could explain the benefits of getting involved with the event and track the results of the campaign.


Retargeting Ads

We implemented retargeting campaigns to take the results to the next level. If users showed interest by visiting the landing page but didn’t purchase, we showed them a variety of retargeting ads.

What the board members have to say…

“I recently started using Sail Away Media for some target specific ads. I was not sure if the ROI would be obvious, but I knew that SEO stopped being effective for us and I had to try something different.

I am in the healthcare world and I realized that I was out of my comfort zone in terms of learning this quickly if the goal was to produce a tangible result that could be tracked. Well, I am here to say I was wrong. It is very easy to track, and ridiculously effective. We generated almost 43 leads in 30 days at an average cost of $18-$19/per lead.

In my world if 1 case starts in 30 days it is worth it for me. So when 3 new patients started the first week of the program being deployed I was amazed. It did not stop after the first week. I did follow up with all of the leads personally so you may say that part of the success of our ads is my ability to convert. This is true, but the fact is I would never have spoken to these people otherwise. I am astounded by the effectiveness that Sail Away has achieved.

All this aside, the personal attention I have been given makes me a raving fan. This is a small agency, run by people with passion that know their craft. I would like to think that those who know me would me would say something similar about my practice.”

Want results like these and want them yesterday?

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